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Summary:JUNXY products are widely used in the industries of marine engineering, shipbuilding, power plant, nuclear, military, space, energy, electricity, transportation, banking, data center, UPS, solar PV system, telecommunication, hospital, research institutions and etc. JUNXY high power AC & DC load banks provide preventative test and maintenance solution which is in accordance with the country & industry test standard to validate the output, reliability and stability of generator, UPS, battery bank, PV inverter, charging-pile and etc.

Comprehensive training on JUNXY series batteries, AC load banks and battery testing equipments could be achievable for clients with different training options. Either by real-time training in our factory or on-line/off-line video/skype training, thus making our distributors more professional for our products, keeping closer cooperation and further support to distributors. Training content could be divided into several parts and my take one or two days. Please see below our training schedule:  

Introduction To JUNXY Products

(1) JUNYX Series Lead Acid Battery

(2) JUNXY Battery Testing Equipments

(2.1) Battery Monitoring System

(2.2) Battery Activator/Regenerator

(2.3) Battery Load Unit With Monitoring

(2.4) Battery Conductance/Resistance Tester

(2.5) Battery Intelligent Charger-Discharger Monitor

(3)JUNXY AC Load Banks

(3.1) Resistive AC Load Bank

(3.2) Resistive and Reactive AC Load Bank

(3.3) Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive AC Load Bank

(4) JUNXY DC Load Banks


Products Technical Background

(1) VRLA battery and charging

(2) UPS, transformer, inverter introduction

(3) Different ways to testing internal resistance

(4) Why need battery maintain, test and measurement

(5) Why Need Load Test For UPS, Generator, Recifire, Transformer and more.


Why Need JUNXY Power Solutions

JUNXY provides whole power solutions to the preventative and predictive maintenance for your critical standby power supply system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers by validating the operation condition and output power of such power systems comprehensively, to ensuring the power supply system stability, reliability and uptime.

Junxy is a professional and leading turn-key power solutions provider for your standby power supply systems to 100% GARANTEE that if the power systems are what you expected them to be. Standby power supply systems with such electrical equipments are recommended to have acceptance test, regular maintenance applying Junxy’s one-stop power solutions.

JUNXY Products Applications

(1) UPS

(2) Generator

(3) Transformer

(4) Battery String

(5) PV Solar System


Training On JUNXY Products How-to-Use

(1) Products Principle Explanation

(2) Products Practical Operation

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